Rabbit and Bear

Where From?







My dearest Rabbit, thank you for this lovely thought, it makes me smile and think of you. Kiss and Hugs

. hug


My darling Rabbit, accept this rose as a token of my love for you. Bear

Singel Rose


And love them with all your heart


~ Pass It On ~  

 Someone taught you how to love,
and probably didn't know it,

and in return, with every day,
it's now you're turn to show it.   

When you love, you give a gift, 
and when you're gone it stays,
to be passed on by the ones you loved,
to make someone else's day. 

So remember someone who loved you,
and show how much you care,
by sharing all the love they gave,
with people everywhere.  

When you give away your love,
that doesn't mean it's gone. 
Love will last forever,
so open up your heart

. . . and pass it on.





Bear loves you no matter what you do. Some of your actions are very hurtful and I don't agree with them at all. However I know your heart and i know your heart and i know we still love each other just as much as before.



Bear has always want to give Rabbit flowers

Bear and Rabbit

by ~Devilry

These flowers are a symbol of my love for you